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HIGS provides great journal revision support!!

We people won't stop at this point of research paper writing, we will be with you until your paper getting published in the chosen journal. We will review your paper, revise your paper, and edit it multiple times to make sure that your papers are ready for publishing. We carry out multiple revision strategies to check whether your research paper has met all the journal standards and quality standards or not.

Our step-by-step style of work!!!

Once your manuscript is submitted to the journal we will wait for peer-reviewer instructions, and we work on your paper for editing it on the basis of your journal guidelines. And we make it ready for publication. We will re-publish your work based on your point of view, if you want to publish your work in the old-journal we will proceed with it, or else if you need to publish it in any new journals, then we will take the necessary steps for that. We answer all the queries you raised to the HIGS team with the aim of providing 100% satisfaction to our clients. At last, after reviewing all the errors in your research paper, we will finalize it for publication.

Our unique approach to the Journal publication process

We people take full advantage of your chance of publication in a well-reputed journal based on all your research requirements. Our teams of experts have immense experience in handling many peer-reviewing and editing processes with much professionalism. By approaching the best support team at HIGS you will get instant support for your journal publication and at the same time, we will provide brief feedback for your research paper.

  • Our team will suggest nearly 4-5 journals for your referral, and at the same time, we will share the cons and pros of the chosen journal.
  • We will explain to you the scope of the study
  • Your need for fast publication
  • We explain to you the accessibility features whether it is open access or print only.
  • We suggest the journal based on the type of article.
  • We understand the importance of your journal and the value of your domain and research study.
  • As the best journal revision assistance, we will give the benefits like
      Our team HIGS has extensive knowledge of various research domains, and we ensure that we will make your journal publication with a high level of professionalism and novelty. You will get an excessive range of publication support to publish your paper in highly standardized journals.
      Before suggesting any kind of journal, we will completely analyze and review your manuscript and suggest you the top-most journals on the basis of the acceptance factors for fast publication.
      HIGS will always search for fast and easily acceptable journals and it includes SCI, SCOPUS, Springer, Elsevier, Web of science, etc.
      Our peer-reviewers will offer you very brief feedbacks for your research paper including,
    • Language flow of your manuscript
    • Importance of your result
    • Explain the acceptance rate and current state of your manuscript
    • Explain the manuscript length and suitability of the suggested journals
    • We make sure about the novelty of your research
    • We investigate whether all the results have met the state of relevance or not.
    What you will get from us??
  • A completely revised manuscript for very fast publication or else to publish it in a new journal.
  • We provide paper editing reports to our clients for reviewing the correction we made on your paper.
  • HIGS will provide the customized cover letter
  • If our clients requested, we undergo multiple revision support to ensure that we have given our 100% dedication to your work.
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    HIGS will be with you in

    Editorial analysis

    Editing is the most important feature in the process of journal publication. HIGS is a full support paper publishing company with the aim of getting 100% client satisfaction. If your manuscript is not acceptable by many journals and keep on getting rejected multiple times, then hire HIGS, it will be your ultimate choice. Our team has English speaking supporters with years and years of experience, and they can eliminate all the errors in your research paper and make the best manuscript for your paper publication. Most importantly, we will offer the best scientific journal report for our clients. We people at HIGS will make sure that your language flow, sentence formation, choice of words, formatting styles are correctly formed up and we people will improve your paper acceptance rate.

    Revising and resubmitting

    Before submitting the written manuscript to a publisher, you must revise your paper for the quality check and to avoid any kind of errors. At HIGS, we will take care of all the corrections and editing in the manuscript. We understand the importance of feedback from the reviewers and we work on the same. We form your research paper by fulfilling all your research needs and we hear the feedback from the journal editor team as well.

    We check for consistency

    While reviewing the manuscript, it is often the main problem of inconsistency in your research paper. So there may be a chance of rejection in your research paper. But HIGS people will work on it and make your research paper with excellent flow and consistency.

    Journal preferences

    We clearly understand the norms of your journal and we write and prepare your manuscript for the journal publication. We address all of the editorial feedbacks and we develop your work on the basis of the journal.

    Spelling and grammatical corrections

    We clearly undergo correction processes during the time of editing. We go through your entire work for the flow and spelling check. We people at HIGS teamed up with the highly experienced and professional language polishers and writing experts. Among this, we specially take much attention to,

  • Active and passive voice usage
  • Verb tense usage
  • Abbreviations
  • Words usage
  • Spelling usage
  • Sentence formation
  • And more
  • Plagiarism check

    Our team HIGS have advanced software programs for plagiarism check. We strive to achieve your journal plagiarism percentage by providing an excellent language flow in your research paper. We people work with 100% originality and we always ignore copy paste contents. We people teamed up with highly skilled professionals of language polishing team, they are qualified from various educational backgrounds and we are sure that they will fulfill all your research needs with much care and professionalism.

    Journal finder

    HIGS will also serve as the best journal finder for our clients. We go through your entire research paper and we recognize the importance of your research paper with the help of experts. Our team can suggest to you about the appropriate journals, nearly 4-5 journals we suggest you and also at the same time, we will provide the cons and pros of the journals. Once you select the journal, we aid you to publish your manuscript with a high level of accuracy and dedication.

    Fast and easy paper publication

    We value your time and hard work you put behind your research work. So we won't take much time to publish your research paper. We write your paper with so much care and professionalism and edit your paper until it meets your satisfaction, and at last, we submit it for publication and we make sure that your paper won't get rejected by the chosen journal.

    Here, we can confirm that not only for journal revision, but we will also be with you from beginning to end. Our team has years and years of experience and we highly deal with world-class research projects and we deliver completely quality filled works for our clients across the globe.