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SCI Journal list occupies a larger list of SCI-indexed journals in Computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, electronics, communication engineering, management, machine learning, and more. HIGS offers help in both free and paid SCI journal publications in a fast and easy manner. We give you an option for fast journal publication across almost all domains.

If you don’t know about the journal publication process, then HIGS will guide you in publishing your research paper in world-class journals like SCI. We provide you with a list of SCI-indexed journals, we guide you on how to write SCI manuscripts, what is SCI journal, SCI journal impact factor, SCI hub, and more.


Here, HIGS will give you multiple benefits for your journal paper publication in Free or Paid SCI journals across various research domains. We always assist you to give the following benefits such as,

  • Free/paid journal publication
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  • Journal revision
  • Journals Resubmission
  • Plagiarism check in Turnitin


HIGS will help you in publishing your research paper in SCI in a professional manner.

Step 1:
  • You can contact our technical persons for technical discussion sessions with experts
  • You can let us know your research title or research paper.
  • Let us know your details via
Step 2:
  • Then we will analyze your work and check for relevance.
  • We will then forward it to our journal’s chief editor
  • Then they will verify your title & Abstract
  • Then after, we will suggest an appropriate journal to you.
Step 3:
  • We share the journal guidelines and publication procedures
  • We check for the free and paid journal publication process.
Step 4:
  • Our team will analyze your research paper for the quality
  • If it doesn’t match the journal quality, then we will undergo the paper rewriting process with your permission.
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Worrying about paper quality?

You can stop worrying about paper quality for SCI journal publication. Our team HIGS is here to help you with high-quality journal paper writing for SCI. Our team of more than 150+ research experts across various research domains will help you in writing, editing, and proofreading your SCI manuscript that exactly matches your domain. We are not only here for manuscript writing and publication, we also take over your entire research project with the sole motive of providing high-quality, custom-made research work.

Our team at HIGS also provides various benefits that will highly help you in attaining your goal of research. Our team exposes the benefits such as plagiarism checking, proofreading, unlimited revisions with the help of experts, journal scope matching, free cover letter, title pages, references, and more…



Our team will clearly assess the following while checking the quality of your research paper.
  • What is your research question?
  • Whether it matches the journal or not?
  • What’re the aims of your research work?
  • What are the research methodologies you have undertaken for attaining your aims?
  • Whether your research work holds sufficient sources or not.
  • What are all the negative & positive controls you will use?

What you will get from HIGS?

You can reach us anytime to clarify all your doubts. Our team has 24/7 research support for you. So you can reach us from any corner of the world. You can check your price, download offers details, check writers and publishers availability, and more.

Our team is here to fulfill all your research requirements, help you to meet the journal guidelines, help you with proofreading & editing services, and more. We are here with more than 10+ years of research experience from various educational backgrounds. So you can reach us to get excellent guidance for your entire PhD research program.


Team HIGS will clearly assess your research paper and we write & edit your research work if it lacks the quality level. We advise for the rewriting process and if it is okay for our client, then we proceed with it. We strictly maintain a high-quality level for any research papers from any research domain. We never compromise the level of quality for any reason. We research, read, write, edit, proofread, and deliver. This is how we do our work for every client.SO WE GET 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION.

Our Free Benefits for Clients:

We respect each and everyone’s dream! We know how much it cost for doing PhD in your respective research field. So, it is our duty to provide some valuable services for free! We always try to attract our clients by providing highly professional research work. And at the same time, we will provide top-notch services with more free add-ons. Here, we have given several free add-ons for your referral. They are,

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