Types of research methodology

Variety of research methodologies we deal with

At HIGS, we admit the fact that the research methodology is a plan to proceed with your research and it is a key to reply your research queries. Our correct research plan or research methodology will aid you to attain the appropriate implementation plan. Our team will draw the correct research plan and our plan of research design or research methodology is closely related and it ensures the scopes and advantages of your research plan.

We promise you that our research plan highly depends on the research goal. And it highly depends on the research domain and research topic you choose. To answer all sorts of research questions, we people collect all the data related to your research. There are several most frequently used methods of collecting data are available, they are as follows.




Group discussions


Primary data analysis


There will be a specific method for your research plan. Our team will suggest to you about the research data collection. There may be a great difference in the quality and quantity of the data you collected. So the most preferable method of data collection is the survey method. Usually, surveys are planned to collect very short answers.

Four types of research methodologies

In our team, research methodology is usually categorized into 4 main categories. They are as follows,

  • Observational method
  • Experimental methods
  • Simulation methods
  • Derived methods

There is a big drawback that the type of research data you have selected may affect the way of managing the data. Data loss may cause a serious loss because the recording and a particular event at a specific time and place may lose the chance to recover it again. So to prevent this situation, our team will combine your data points from different sources and we choose the best research practices to prevent data loss.

How HIGS will recognize the consequence of the data?

We people understand the importance of data by carrying out numerous ways. They are as follows,

  • Sensory experience
  • Opinion from experts
  • The logic behind the facts
  • Scientific methods

And there are certain things which HIGS used to handle for recognizing the research problem by means of scientific methods, they are as follows:

  • We identify the research problem
  • Our experts will clarify the identified research problem
  • We will recognize the appropriate data to resolve the problem
  • We people organize the data
  • Our team will explain the results
Our way of explaining our research methodology procedure!!

Our team will use some extraordinary skills to present your research methodology procedures. We usually undertake some category formations to explain the clear outline of your research.

  • We explain the background of the research problem very clearly with the appropriate problem statement and explain the importance of your research study & investigated research problem.
  • Our team will give detail about the review of literature, and provide the facts of research gaps in the chosen research topic.
  • Clearly explain the participants, instruments, procedures of the research, and research methodology. We give details about how and what data were collected, who and all involved in the research study, how was the research carried out, and much more. We give all these by means of research methodology.
  • In the part of data analysis, we give details about the expected results and the importance of the expected results.
  • Result section will carry the importance and implications of the outcome. Our team will explain the need and limitations of the research study in the part of the result section.
How HIGS will classify the methods of research study?

Our team will carry out systematic and scientific research methods for the research study. We divide our research methodology procedure into 2 types based on the type of research. They are,

  • Type of Research methodology based on the nature of the study
  • Type of research methodology based on the purpose of the study
Type of Research methodology based on the nature of the study

In this type again the research methodology goes into 2 types, they are:

  • Descriptive
  • Analytical

Under this Descriptive study method, we carry our surveys and studies in order to gain more facts about the research topics. On other hand, we undergo analytical study methods to test a specific hypothesis.

Type of research methodology based on the purpose of the study

In this type again the research methodology goes into 2 types, they are:

  • Applied research method
  • fundamental research method

Applied research is otherwise known as the action research methodology. We people will eliminate the elaborate theories by adding some basics about the research topic. And on the other hand, fundamental research is intended to resolve the research problem by adding the field of application of a discipline.

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